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Educational Institution Collections

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Tips To Recovering Debt And Keeping Customer Relationships In A Bad Economy

Any company that deals with loans or sells products that involve multiple payments will inevitably have customers that do not pay back what is owed. While some customers may occasionally be late on a payment, some may try to avoid payment consistently and will not answer calls or statements mailed from your company regarding debt.… Read More »

How International Debt Collection Agency Can Work To Help You

Many people, organizations, groups and companies are owed large sums of money by other individuals and organizations for services offered or goods delivered. Sometimes it is interest owed on a debt or credit facility. A collection agency is an organization that collects the debts and payments owed to a company or individual by another party.… Read More »

Debt Collection Agencies Can Help Locate Past Due Customers

Every amount of revenue, past and present, is important for your business. The longer a bill remains past due, the less time you have with the outstanding monies to draw interest and reinvest. While you could spend time and money training or hiring staff specifically to locate past due customers, a more cost effective solution… Read More »

How does an international debt collection firm work?

Collecting any debt can be difficult, but if you have a company that deals in international sales or billing, then you know that collecting international debt is significantly more difficult. There are many reasons for this, including distance, differences in language and culture, time zones and more. The laws are also not the same everywhere… Read More »

When Flat Fee Collection Agency Fee Structures Are The Best Value

A good number of businesses today go through worry and agony trying to recover debts owed to them. Not many, however, are aware that the time spent going after debtors, if put to better use, would yield more profit for their businesses. Debt collection companies in their hundreds are in operation, ready to help you… Read More »

Finding a Debt Collection Agency that Fits Your Business’ Needs

The first question you may ask is, “why should my business hire a national debt collection agency for something that we can do ourselves?” The answer is very simple; the accumulation of debts over a period of time can wreak havoc on your business. Being your own debt collector is extremely time-consuming and it is… Read More »

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