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Small Business Collections

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These Debt Recovery Solutions Provide Firm Financial Footing during Coronavirus Pandemic

It may feel like a lifetime, but it was actually only 60 to 90 days ago when America was able to boast stellar Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth and the lowest unemployment rate in decades. COVID-19 changed all that. News articles from January 2020 now read like a bad joke. “Fears of a recession have… Read More »

Why Hiring a Collection Agency Should Be a Priority of Small Business Owners

Small businesses are the cornerstone of America’s economy, and without them the economy would be broken. A majority of new jobs have been made available in small businesses. Numerous innovations that have changed the world have been produced by entrepreneurs. This important piece of the U.S. economy contributes revenue, technological advancements, jobs and more. An… Read More »

Debt Collection and Choosing the Right Type of Collection Process

Collecting past dues can be challenging, time consuming and frustrating for business owners. Businesses can reduce the bureaucracy by implementing a successful debt collection process provided by a debt collection expert. The collection process within the office is often intensified by demands of overhead and the obvious need to cover payroll, while the professional debt… Read More »

Business To Business Debt Collection

For a business, collecting delinquent debts can be a difficult process, but it becomes particularly difficult to maneuver when collecting from another business. Many companies find it difficult to successfully collect what it is owed, while maintaining a working relationship between the two businesses. Walking this fine line has proven to be no easy task;… Read More »

Who Are Collection Agencies and What Kind of Businesses Hire Them?

A collection agency is a third party that is licensed to collect debt for the consumers and / or businesses that hire them to do so. The collection agency signs a contract with clients to represent them to actively pursue people and businesses that owe the client money. Typically, collection agencies receive a certain percentage… Read More »

Commercial Collection Agency Services – Is Your Business a Good fit?

Many businesses outsource their collection functions to a commercial collection agency. This is especially true for small and medium sized companies that may not have the resources to devote to debt recovery. Even large companies use collection agencies for accounts that reach a certain age. Debt collection can be an expensive undertaking and many businesses… Read More »

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